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Here you can order your own lab tests and get results mailed directly (and only) to you.

If you need help choosing which test or understanding the results, just give us a call. We offer free help along with more in-depth health & wellness education and assistance to providers with complex cases. By ordering labs directly, you can...


Know Before You Go

  • Employment Evaluations
  • Insurance Evaulations
  • Health & Wellness Evaluations

Save Time & Money

  • Purchase & print lab order from home
  • Take printed lab order to your nearest Quest Diagnostics service center
  • Walk into your next health & wellness visit with lab results in your hand
  • Our tests often cost less than through your provider, even with insurance

Empower Yourself

  • Understandable and informative lab descriptions
  • Learn to identify "red flags" that may compromise your health and wellness
  • Lab results help guide you and your practitioner to help meet your health and wellness goals

Enjoy Complete Confidentiality

  • Test results are private, which could help avoid negative consequences with future coverage
  • Results, with informative explanations, are mailed directly to you
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